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Welcome to GEWPI Software, home of Bluejay(tm) Disc Jockey Multimedia Player/Editor & Audio Rack for Windows® operating systems. Download Bluejay and add punch to your "play" list. Bluejay Mpeg-Suite is an exceptional media player with fourteen audio components and intuitive controls that hide a powerful playback engine and flexible media management.

...And now Gewpi introduces a digital effects crossover that enables music lovers and audiophiles to create moving soundscapes that add fireworks to music. Enter a lush ocean of sound alive with rich textures and ambience. Move yourself beyond bass and treble. Hear your music rendered in new and exciting ways that you define and control!

Only Bluejay DJ-Dynamite includes the DX-Dynamite(tm) FX crossover which compliments the robust rack of Bluejay Mpeg-Suite. Cue hours of aural bliss and find new enjoyment in your music collection. Bluejay supports mobile devices & portable media/mp3 players, auto-queue creation, wave editing, digital FX processing, compact disc recording, professional DJ controls and mucho more.

Your music never sounded better!

DX-Dynamite(tm)With DX-Dynamite(tm) FX Crossover, you may transition digital FX between preconfigured setups and enjoy free-flowing movement between. Create moving soundscapes that add fireworks and POP to your music!

Actively manage parameter changes manually or click slider to run automatic. Configuration is easy:

  • Use Digital FX device to configure and save desired setup for A:
  • Use Digital FX device to configure and save desired setup for B:
    (Additional presets Ax to Rx are provided.)

DX-Dynamite now ready to slide FX parameters from one preset to the other. All DirectX (DX) effect parameters are at your disposal: Chorus, Echo, Flange, Reverb and Compression.

For example: Turn on DX-Reverb on Digital FX component and set dB mix to -9.0. Save your setup to one of the presets. Now set dB mix to 0.0 and save your setup to a different preset. Turn your attention to the DX-Dynamite component now and select your first preset in A: and your second in B:. You're all set! Move slider from/to A/B to float DX-Reverb db mix from/to -9.0 > 0.0.

Turn ON multiple effects and configure multiple parameters to create exciting soundscapes that move with the underlying variables. Jog, walk, or jerk slider from A: to B: to realize parameter changes and enjoy progression of dynamic. Change desired progression for reverse and/or seamless continuation. Use manually or select AUTO, then click slider to activate programmed slide lasting for specified duration. Activate REPEAT mode for indefinite looping.




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